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About Me

Sneaker Freak Apparel is an up-and-coming Print on Demand Apparel & Accessory company created by myself, Kim Neos, based on my passion for sneakers and clothing.  I focus mainly on the sneakerhead community by mixing my thoughts as a sneaker freak with some pretty awesome designs.   

Growing up I had this unexplainable love and interest for sneakers.  Aside from playing sports, I really had no interest in anything other than sneakers.  No one understood it.  I was always judged and frowned upon for buying so many sneakers.  To everyone else, I was crazy and was just wasting my money.  I never understood why it was such an issue in everyone else's eyes but in my eyes, it's just what I loved.  You can't help what you love right?  Yes, I had and still have more sneakers than I can actually wear but there is just something satisfying about having something that you love even if you can't use it.  I'm proud of my sneaker collection and proud to be a sneaker freak.  Of course, with sneakers comes fashion.  I couldn't just have a pair of sneakers, I had to have the matching outfit. HEAD TO TOE.  That's just who I've always been.  Fast forward years later, the sneaker industry has grown to be one of the biggest out there.  There are millions of people with the same passion as me.  I am not alone and that's amazing.  I always knew this is where I belong and I've always dreamt about having my own sneaker store.  With all the exciting possibilities we have today, I was able to follow my dream and create this online store where I can take my ideas as a sneaker freak and create some awesome merch for the rest of the sneakerhead community.  I hope all my fellow sneaker freaks enjoy the merch as much as I do.  Never give up on your dreams people!